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The wedding is still the most beautiful day in life for many couples. A day that you would like to remember, a day when everything should run smoothly and therefore not infrequently a day that can really cost a lot of money. But just as little as two fiancée want to give the yes-word in front of the branch manager of their house bank, there is this with a special loan for the wedding. So the question remains how to invest in love the most financially.

How do you find a suitable loan for the wedding?

How do you find a suitable loan for the wedding?

Anyone who has attended a wedding knows that it takes careful and long-term planning to make sure everything is right and the newly wed couple can enjoy that day carefree. However, this can be a very expensive undertaking, depending on the demands you make on your own wedding.

In addition to the need-based wardrobe, an attractive styling and adequate catering for the many guests, there are also costs for room rentals, entertainment programs, photographers and the registry office. Anyone who already has a wedding knows, however, that in this list a lot was left out. So, the budget of a wedding needs to be carefully planned, especially if you want to apply for a loan that usually gives you a fixed amount of money.

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no special loan for the wedding at banks. It is therefore necessary to resort to the existing offer of banks and credit institutions. In order to find the optimal loan, it is first of all important to know the loan amount exactly.

Wedding loan

Wedding loan

If you prefer a rather favorable wedding or would prefer to marry quietly and secretly in the closest circle, you can do the financing well and gladly with a credit line. The Dispo as a loan for the wedding can be applied for at the bank quite simply and mostly informally. Thereafter, the checking account can be kept in the debit up to a certain amount, which is represented by the so-called credit line.

The amount of the credit line depends on the regular income of the account holder. Depending on which inflows migrate to the account on a monthly basis, the maximum loan amount can reach two or three times that amount. A credit line can be claimed flexibly, so the borrower is not tied to a certain amount, which can also finance the cost of all those factors up to the credit line that were forgotten in the wedding planning. However, this flexibility has its price, because the credit line is one of the most expensive loans offered by banks. It should therefore be repaid in the foreseeable future and certainly not be used with large sums.

If the costs amount to several thousand USD in advance, an installment loan should be considered. This is not only cheaper in terms of interest, but it can also take him larger sums in a loan for the wedding, which may also cover even an adequate honeymoon with. Here, the market offers the most offers, which on the one hand, the search for a suitable loan for the wedding is extended, but on the other hand, the chances of getting the cheapest possible option. Careful planning before a wedding is therefore the most important thing, because who would like to start a married life with a high level of debt?

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