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Mortgage brokers help you who want to find a private loan in a fast and easy way. Instead of spending hours in front of your computer looking for a loan, you can let a lender do the work for you. By using a loan broker you save time and in addition it increases your chances of finding a cheap loan.

Compare rates on various loans using E-Money or use one of the loan brokers we list  on our site. We provide some brief information on some of the absolute best loan brokers on the market and links to each individual loan broker. You can also read our reviews that we have chosen to give these loan intermediaries.

Best loan brokers


If you want to calculate what your loan can come and cost then there are calculators on the respective loan broker’s website where you can adjust the maturity and loan amount to see the approximate interest rate and monthly cost.

Otherwise, you are welcome to use quick money’s own loan calculator, if you wish, to get a feel for what the costs will be and count on your loan.

Best Mortgage Brokers – It is difficult to say which loan broker is the absolute best out there on the market. We list here some of the loan brokers that we think are good. Click on the name of the loan broker you want to know more about. Then you will be redirected to a page with that loan broker and we have also given a rating of each company. Further down on this page, we briefly describe each loan broker and their terms:

The information on each loan broker is taken from the individual loan broker’s website and from other sources and pages that provide reviews on these loan brokers.

loan Broker

Loan brokerage – Loan brokerage is about helping people who are looking for loans to find the right one. It is not always easy to find what you are looking for online. There are a lot of players out there on the market and the ones we list in the headings are some of the better ones.

When you take advantage of loan brokerage, only one credit report is made at UC at the same time as you get several offers. Some loan intermediaries cooperate with as many as 20 – 25 different banks and loan institutions. First, a credit report is made to assess your ability to pay.

If you have a good credit rating


Your loan application will be sent to about 20 different banks. These will then in turn send you loan offers. A loan broker lets you save time for others by looking for the loans for you. The service is completely free to use, the banks pay the lender instead. since only one UC is done, your credit rating will not be damaged as it would if you had applied to each individual bank individually. You also improve your chance of finding a really cheap loan by using a loan broker.

So try applying for a loan through one of these loan intermediaries and you will soon get several good offers. These loan intermediaries work closely with the best banks to find. The entire application is easily made online then your application is forwarded after your ability to pay has been investigated. Quick money can help you if you need advice. Please contact our customer service via chat if you have any questions. We compare a variety of loans and interest rates and you can find a good price on your loan.

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