Loan brokerage- We list loan brokers to help you!

Loan brokerage online works so that you submit a loan application to a loan broker and after a credit check your loan application is sent out to over 20 different banks and loan institutions.

These banks will then send you loan offers and suggestions on interest rates and terms. You do not have to accept the offers, but these services are not binding in any way.

Mortgage Intermediaries


Mortgage Brokers – Fill in the link on the left to get a list of different loan brokers, a brief description and a review of some of the loan brokerage providers. 

By using loan brokerage you increase your chances of finding a loan that meets your needs. There are a number of different banks that can be compared with loan brokerage.

Fellow applicant


Co-applicant – If you apply with a co-applicant, your chances of getting a loan increased. The co-applicant stands as a payer with the principal borrower. The bank has two people to demand payment from when there is a co-applicant. Thus, the risk is halved. Even when you use loan brokerage, you can often indicate that you want to apply with a co-applicant. This way you increase the chance of finding a loan through your loan brokerage.

When people take out home loans, it is very common for a co-applicant to stand with them. There are usually two people in the household when people want to buy housing. This makes it easier to get a mortgage loan and two people share the responsibility. But it is good to have a co-applicant even when looking for a regular private loan without collateral with the help of loan brokerage.

The Bank looks at both people’s ability to pay


The assessment is based on the income of both individuals and the bank will have the loan paid with greater security.

Having a co-applicant when using loan brokerage also means that you will be able to borrow a higher amount or that you will be offered a lower interest rate. A co-applicant for loan brokerage creates a lower risk for the bank and improves the conditions for the applicants. The bank has a greater chance that the loan agreement will be followed as the payment responsibility lies with more than one person.

Applicant loans

Co-applicant Loans – Borrowing money with a co-applicant will increase your chances of getting a loan granted. You share the payment responsibility with another person. You will be able to borrow a greater amount of money when you have two incomes. In many cases, you will be offered a lower interest rate when you apply for a co-applicant loan. Use a loan broker to increase your chances even more.

Using a co-applicant in combination with a co-applicant gives you a very good chance of getting a loan. The bank also likes that the payment responsibility is divided into two people. The bank takes a much smaller risk when two working people choose to borrow money together.

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