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You can find Peer to Peer platforms here. You can choose to access one of these 2 popular p2p platforms by clicking on the links. Lendify and Savings loans. Otherwise, you can click in the list below to start your loan application.

Peer to peer loans are online trading sites that allow investors to lend money to other interested borrowers. Both parties are private individuals. It may take a little longer than some other loans to get their peer to peer loan granted as it is required to find investors who want to lend the money.

Peer to peer networks are computer networks of nodes

Peer to peer networks are computer networks of nodes

That are interconnected and do not communicate according to a client-server model. A node is sometimes called server from server client as each individual computer can be viewed as both client computer or host computer. Or client and server. IP telephony such as Skype, file sharing as U-Torrent and various chats are also different types of peer to peer networks. The different parties are not assigned specific roles but can choose to be both or both. No special privileges are granted.

The same applies to peer to peer loans where both can be borrowers, lenders or both. A person with a little extra capital can choose to invest their money in P2P loans and get a return on their deposited money. Digitization of the world is here to stop, try on P2P loans if this sounds interesting. Peer to peer loans usually have slightly higher requirements on borrowers to protect their investors. However, the deposited money is spread on over 20 loans so that investors do not feel the loss of capital as hard. Everything is spread out peer to peer.

Peer to peer loans


Peer to peer loans – also called person to person loans in Swedish, but also p2p loans. It is a concept that describes online shopping sites that allow private individuals to act as banks and borrowers of loans. One private individual invests his money and acts as a lender and another private person borrows money and is the borrower. The industry has developed somewhat in recent years and also includes corporate loans and sometimes allows companies to act and invest in p2p loans.

When private individuals lend money between each other, traditional banks do not get involved. Or the usual lending institutions. Then private individuals can meet, peer to peer and manage their business without the involvement of major banks. The deposited money from the investors then generates returns. Peer to peer loans promise a higher return than the banks. Therefore, peer to peer has grown in popularity in terms of investment.

Although the financial industry is not interested in the digitization of loans, peer to peer, the digitized world is interested in hacking the financial industry. Many digital products are developed and compete with the heights of the Swedish loan market. The digitized world is constantly creating new ways to create ideas, solutions and companies that generate a lot of money.

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P2P loans – So why would anyone want to invest money in P2P loans ? The conditions for making money are good. The return is much higher than the deposit rate offered by the banks. You can get up to 8% return through some p2p marketplaces. Many Swedes use BankID, which is a smooth and secure way to do business online. BankID reduces the risk of fraud. Our credit reporting companies have good insight into the Swedes’ everyday economy.

The Crown Magistrate and the Debt Collection Company help to recover debts if private individuals do not pay on time. And above all, the Swedes have a good morale when it comes to paying bills and loans. If you are looking to read more about P2P loans then you can do so on Wikipedia here.

For example, go to Lendify for more information before making the decision to invest in peer to peer loans, if you feel this seems interesting. There is a lot of good information to download and you can use the controls to see what returns, etc. you can get. Read the terms directly on their website.

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