Credit for entrepreneurs without equity

Entrepreneurs need many good qualities, so that their own enterprise is crowned with success. In addition to a strong sense of business, this includes a healthy level of perseverance. Especially the latter is necessary when it comes to get a loan for entrepreneurs without equity. More than a business idea and the will to act is therefore not available. The question remains, where to turn with this best.

The opportunities at banks and savings banks

The opportunities at banks and savings banks

As an entrepreneur without equity, the bank is usually faced with no collateral. That this is not one of the best conditions for obtaining credit from the trusted bank is likely to be obvious. The quality of the business idea can be so good, without collateral, a bank will hardly talk.

The only option is to find someone who is as confident about the business idea as the claimant himself and then use it as a guarantor. If such a person is found in families, friends or acquaintances, they must then bring along the required collateral, so that the loan is also granted to start-ups without equity. In addition to a proper credit bureau also includes a regular income in sufficient amount.
This income should also be earned from self-employment, as evidenced by current payroll accounting.

Promotional loans for entrepreneurs

Promotional loans for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship loans offer far more prospects of success, with which not only a loan for entrepreneurs without equity is available, but the whole thing is also offered on favorable terms. But even such a loan is subject to conditions, even if they are not material.

A well-known provider of such promotional loans is the Intrasavings bank. Exemplary for the promotion of start-ups is their Intrasavings bank start-up loan Car goal.
This loan for start-ups without equity is designed to make investments and buy equipment.

Intrasavings bank loans are not least known for being able to offer comparatively favorable conditions. These, like the entire loan for start-ups without equity per se, are subject to certain conditions: The business sense already mentioned above should also be formally demonstrated in the form of a completed education, which shows the ability to build and run a business like the one planned to be able to.

It is also important to prepare a business plan with a liquidity plan within it, which must cover the first two years on a monthly basis. The existence of own funds is expressly not required for this loan, but it is still recommended as it improves credit quality and increases the likelihood of commitment.

The Intrasavings bank start-up loan offers the start-up company the financial support needed to start a business. In concrete terms, this means that 100% of the expenditure required, up to a maximum of $ 100,000, will be supported in this way. Above all, the interest rate beats offers of normal commercial banks by a long shot, because here only 3.71% APR is required for the entire loan.

The whole thing with a fixed interest period, which extends over the entire term of 5 to 10 years. In addition, 1 to 2 redemption-free start-up years can be agreed. This allows the founder of the business to establish himself on the market without encumbering debt service. In addition, this loan offers start-ups without equity also free unscheduled repayments, with which the loan can be flexibly repaid.

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